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Sheila Owens

Please lift up the husband of a dear friend of mine in prayer. He had a heart cath done and stents were placed. He has had nothing but complications and hospitalizations since that time about 6 weeks ago. Please say a prayer for not only their family but for the medical team treating him. I am adding Lori's most recent post about her husband, Chuck, and this was written about 10 minutes ago. He has been in Providence Hospital over a week and they are unable to get his pain under control. Our God is a great healer and I know He has this! Thank you!

Prayer Warriors: He's not well this morning. Color is bad and he's hurting and weak. Doctor said they have no idea what's going on with Chuck and they're transferring him to MUSC today. They'll transport him by ambulance sometime this afternoon. Please ask every prayer warrior you know to lift up Chuck’s name before our Great Physician. He needs many, many prayers. This has been going on for over 6 weeks now. He is experiencing heart attack level pain, without it being a heart attack. It comes and goes. The nitroglycerin keeps it under control most of the time. When he feels good, I forget how sick he is. When it’s bad, I quickly feel the sensation of “fight or flight.” His body is tired, but he’s a fighter. Please ask God to strengthen him and sustain him through this battle. This is God’s battle! Chuck is His warrior. We are victorious through Jesus! We’re believing in a miracle. Please believe this with us. What a beautiful sight for our Father to behold, to see arms joined together, praying and believing in a miracle that only God can perform! Doctors say Chuck is somewhat of an enigma to them, but not to the God who created him! He knows! We’re praying expectantly! Praising Him as we come into His Holy Presence in prayer asking for a miracle for Chuck. #IWillNotFail Deuteronomy 31:8

Received: June 22, 2018

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